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Be a Clever Clogs | Jenny Bowen


Here are some words to make you sound super clever and something you can say to impress your fellow safari goers on your next holiday to Africa.

If you are on safari with myself guiding I may test you…

Aestivation: The summer equivalent of hibernation, it allows animals to survive hot and arid conditions. Animals seal themselves in a burrow and lower their metabolic rate so they can conserve energy. Animals that aestivate are tortoises, land snails, African lungfish.

Fossorial: an animal that lives entirely under the ground. Animals that are fossorial include golden moles, burrowing asps and earthworms.

Piloerection: This is the scientific word for when your hair stands on end. Impala can be seen doing this on cooler mornings in winter and it makes their coats look much dark and rather slept in.

Poikilothermic: Animals that are poikilothermic have body temperatures that change with the temperature around them. Poikilothermic animals include lizards and other reptiles.

Urohidrosis: the habit of defecating onto the scaly portions of the legs as a cooling mechanism, using evaporative cooling of the fluids. Animals that do this are vultures and some storks.

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Be a Clever Clogs | Jenny Bowen

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