Pyroclastic | Words We Caught This Week

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Pyroclastic: composed chiefly of rock fragments or particles of volcanic origin, such as pumice, obsidian, or volcanic ash. Here’s a word we caught this week. We thought we’d share pyroclastic with you since we love the way it sounds, which fits perfectly with its meaning. Here’s an example of it in use: Unlike the […]

‘Gripped from the beginning’ | Charm of the Chosen One, by Anya Elisabeth

Recommended! This is a novel written by a teenager seeing the world from the outside in. The author projects with an intrepid voice a unique perspective of social situations, presenting an honesty rarely found in fiction narrative. It also sets the stage for transporting the reader into another world, a fantasy world where the adventure […]

‘Can never be forgotten’ | The Care Vortex, by Sam Smith

Now and then a book comes along that can never be forgotten, a book whose characters touch you deeply and remain in your memory. A story that shocks you into thinking about something you had never considered or completely changing your previous perceptions.The Care Vortex by Sam Smith is such a book…. The Care Vortex […]

The Tall Owl – the Launch Reboot | Colum Sanson-Regan

What Are the Plans for a Future Event for The Tall Owl? Once COVID-19 restrictions are lifted, Colum plans to release a new edition of The Tall Owl and Other Stories which includes all the artwork. As you’ve seen, the styles range from photography to canvas and conceptual art. With some powerful stories thrown into […]

‘Perfectly crafted’ | A Cloak of Memories, by Rosie Mowatt

Beautiful way with words. A Cloak of Memories is a wonderful read. The poems are a great mixture of personal thoughts and memories. Rosie manages to draw images with her words, that draw you into her world. I particularly love Sunset Skies; Patchwork Memory, and when reading Mrs Munday’s daughter, I’m sure she knew my […]

Sastruga | Words We Caught This Week

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Sastruga: ridges of snow formed on a snowfield by the action of the wind. Here’s a word we caught this week. We thought we’d share sastruga with you because we’ve missed the snow this. Using this word to pique our imagination is the next best thing. Here’s an example of it in use: Steven […]

How my local history book became a set text at Cardiff University | Ray Noyes

Urban Development in the Victorian Era is Ray’s book about the historical development of Grangetown’s architecture. It became a set text for the master’s degree in Architecture after Ray happened to chance upon a banner advertising a project about Grangetown’s architecture in particular. He popped in and spoke with a Senior Lecturer and then a […]

May the Fourth Be with You! The Battle of Blank Page

It’s been a tough year or so with the COVID-19 pandemic. That’s why we bring you a bit of lighthearted fun this May the Fourth, by presenting Writer’s Block: The Blank Page. Let us know if this video made you laugh in the comments below and, as always, May the Fourth be with you. Let’s […]

Xenology | Words We Caught This Week

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Xenology: (chiefly in science fiction) the scientific study of alien biology, cultures, etc. Here’s a word we caught this week. We thought we’d share xenology with you since one of us is a trained anthropologist. Maybe in the future, Nick could turn his hand to the study of extraterrestrial societies too? Here’s an example […]