Tell Us About Your Time at CERN | Q&A with Ray Noyes

CERN was the most exciting part of Ray Noyes’ career. Formed in 1945, it brought the best of Europe’s engineers, physicists and mathematicians together to find out how the universe works. Going into each day with that on his mind gave Ray a sense of purpose. Q&A Video Series with Ray Noyes In this Q&A […]

Do You Have Two Top Tips for Aspiring Local History Writers? | Q&A with Ray Noyes

Of course, originality and accuracy are critical to writing history. This is Ray’s first, fundamental tip. Beyond this, however, he says you must ensure you produce a compelling narrative, otherwise, a long list of disconnected facts become boring. Q&A Video Series with Ray Noyes In this Q&A video series with Ray Noyes, we find out […]

How my local history book became a set text at Cardiff University | Ray Noyes

Urban Development in the Victorian Era is Ray’s book about the historical development of Grangetown’s architecture. It became a set text for the master’s degree in Architecture after Ray happened to chance upon a banner advertising a project about Grangetown’s architecture in particular. He popped in and spoke with a Senior Lecturer and then a […]

‘Cannot put it down’| Rubicon | Tom Holland | Ray Noyes

History books can be ones that present the reader with a set of facts, with little or no narrative. They can be overly academic and not an attractive read for a Sunday afternoon. This one is different, very different. Tom Holland has a knack of providing us with sound academic research in riveting story form […]

Single Most Important Moment in Grangetown’s History? | Ray Noyes

While Ray is reticent to give us just one important moment, he can give us a few: from the formation of Grangetown as a grange in the early twelfth century to the dissolution of the monasteries and confiscation of their land. The year 1857, however, was the real catalyst for Grangetown today, when Parliament permitted […]

‘Not what it first appears to be!’ | Steppenwolf | Hermann Hesse | Ray Noyes

Steppenwolf is a very unusual novel; unusual in structure, in theme and ultimate meaning. It would be overly simplistic to think the autobiographical story to be about a man who thinks he is half-wolf, half-human. The title, ‘Steppenwolf’, is best translated as a lone wolf, an outsider, someone outside ordinary society. It is named after […]

‘Very rich insight’ | Falling Leaves | Adeline Yen Mah | Ray Noyes

This is the autobiography of the author who was born in Tianjin Province in China in 1937. Her mother died shortly after childbirth and as a result she, the baby, was blamed for bringing bad luck to the family. Her father re-married and his new wife rejected her treating her cruelly. Their only reluctant act […]

‘A message we must not forget’ | The Pianist | Wladyslaw Szpilman | Ray Noyes

This story is autobiographical. It was in September 1939 that Polish Radio’s last live radio broadcast featured Chopin’s Nocturne in C-sharp minor played by the young pianist Wladyslaw Szpilman, just as the first German bombs were falling. He also played the piece six years later when the war had ended. He wrote of his experiences […]

How Did You Become so Heavily Involved in Grangetown’s History? | Ray Noyes

Ray became so heavily involved in Grangetown’s history when he retired because this was where he grew up. Aspects of the area’s history that made it especially attractive were the fact that it’s probably the most culturally and ethnically diverse part of Wales, plus the varied architecture that exists there. Q&A Video Series with Ray […]