A Shocking Crime Examined in The Veronal Mystery by Norena Shopland

Veronal mystery eric norena shopland

Brighton 1913 – A drug overdose case takes a dark turn when the body is exhumed, evidence is suppressed, witnesses are missing and murder is suspected. When flamboyant Eric Trevanion dies from a Veronal overdose, it was thought to be accidental. However, others thought a crime had been committed. His mother believed it was a […]

The Curious Case of the Eisteddfod Baton released… by Norena Shopland

Curious Case of the Eisteddfod Baton

Rare Welsh gold conductor’s baton discovered in museum. Studded with gems it is the most ornate baton in the world. A conductor’s baton made of the rarest gold in the world has been discovered in a Llanelli museum. The baton, made in 1888, by a man called the ‘Welsh Gold King’ has lain forgotten about […]