My First Month in the Publishing Industry: What I Learnt and Future Plans

My name is Nick McAlpin, a recent graduate from the University of Cambridge’s MPhil Social Anthropology programme. It’s been almost a month since I joined Wordcatcher Publishing as its Marketing and Public Relations Assistant. Before this, I had never worked with books at all, but draw on extensive experience in the related field of journalism. […]

These Are the Top 5 Benefits of Reading

A person reading

If you’ve found your way to this site, the chances are you love reading. Whether it’s non-fiction, poetry, crime, business or sci-fi, here at Wordcatcher, we’re into it all. It’s common knowledge that reading is hugely beneficial, and that’s why we’re so passionate about what we do. Many people are unaware of the specific advantages […]

5 Things We Know About People Who Read Books for Pleasure


Reading. We all do it. Some of us force ourselves to read, seeking to learn computer programming, or whatever the latest skill is. Others flick through a novel when we’ve nothing better to do. But there are also those of us who read for pleasure… like the team here at Wordcatcher. Earlier this year, Arts […]