‘A real page turner’ | Sense Africa Five Ways, by Jenny Bowen

Jenny’s book is a fresh look at Africa as she lives each adventure she has them using, as the title suggests, one of her five senses. It is well written and takes you along on the ride. We are slightly biased on the one section as it is about our life here in Africa with […]

How to Use a Mosquito Net

A mosquito net covering a king-sized bed

If you need to buy a mosquito net then you need to think what it is for and where. There are numerous nets on the market of different sizes, different shapes and with different fixing points. So think of the type of accommodation that that you are staying in and which one is more useful. […]

Understanding Elephants

Elephants in the wild.

There have been lots of studies on elephants. Body language is key to understanding elephants and this can be very useful in the bush. It also adds to the enjoyment of watching elephants in the wild. So here are some pointers. First thing is to ascertain if you are looking at a male herd or […]

What Is CITES and What Does It Mean for White Rhinos?

The CITES logo.

What is CITES and how does it work? CITES stands for the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora. The Convention was created in 1975 to protect wild animals and plants from overexploitation through international trade. Approximately 178 countries having signed CITES, and more than 30,000 plant and animal species […]