The launch took place at Cardiff’s Virgin Money Lounge, with author Dawn Evans doing a book signing for the lucky guests and reading from inside the book.

The AJ and Uda book series was created by Dawn Evans, the director of Ajuda Training Services, to address the need of better first aid education for young children. Although there are plans to introduce First Aid training to the school curriculum, this has yet to be confirmed, and is a very crucial skill for anybody to have at the earliest age possible.

Dawn created the AJ and Uda book series to introduce first aid to young children in a fun and easy-to-understand way – and the first book in the series has proven to be hugely popular!

The series follows the adventures of two young siblings, AJ and Uda, as they travel around the country and find themselves using their life-saving first aid skills wherever they go. In each book in the series, AJ and Uda will discover a casualty and will need to use a different life-saving skill to help the person affected. The first book teaches young readers about the Recovery Position.

The 10-part book series features different key topics which are found on the Emergency First Aid at Work Syllabus, including choking, anaphylactic shock, head injuries and more.

Work is already well underway for the second book of the series and Dawn can’t wait to educate as many people as possible to save lives.

Dawn said, “I am so pleased to be introducing these exciting new books into schools and on children’s bookshelves across the county. Basic first aid is such an important skill for everyone to have, as you never know when you will need to save a life.

I hope my books will help educate children on these crucial skills and give them a better understanding of what they can do in emergency situations.”

Dawn’s second book will be published very soon, keep checking back on our social media pages and blogs for more information!

AJ and Uda at the Safari Park is now available to order on amazon here. 


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