Not since the days of K. Grahame nor more recently of A.A. Milne has such an endearing book been produced for all those aged 3 years and up. Lionel Fanthorpe & Patricia Fanthorpe have provided a radiant text that not only gently ushers children toward reading but will endlessly amuse them too. Engagingly illustrated by New Englander Rick A. Seidita we witness here the adventures in an around The Pond of a nation of frogs and their allies v. Wise Old Rat and his surly lot, plus confederate space-rats even.

Nevertheless Frogdom always wins hands (make that webs!) down. After all they are led by that doughty amphibian of the cloth the never to be outdone: Hugh John Green (huge and green, geddit?). At length Frogdom’s collective ingenuity comes up trumps yet again so diverting its erstwhile enemies toward a rodent paradise. An armistice is swiftly ratified leaving peace and tranquillity to reign supreme over The Pond and beyond.

Jerry Lyons, 5 out of 5 stars. Reviewed on

This is a book to read to children, show the great illustrations, and share, in the long tradition of story telling. Each chapter is a window into “Frogdom”, and can stand on it’s own, making the book a wonderful serial telling, over several days or weeks. You will love the inventive names for various characters. Having befriended amphibians, and watched their behavior, it is fun to see the origins of imagination, in these wonderful stories!

David Richarde, 5 out of 5 stars. Reviewed on

Charming and educational…A story for the young, and the young at heart. Well written, and entering.

Doug DeLise, 5 out of 5 stars. Reviewed on

Parables from the Pond is an immersive children’s book written by celebrated author Lionel Fanthorpe and his wife Patricia. It features vivid blow-by-blow accounts of battles between the villainous rats of the book’s parallel universe and the Webguard – a bullfrog army led by the Reverend Doctor Hugh John Green. It combines these with deeply meaningful stories told by Hugh.

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