It is crazy what we lived through under this mad man. The headlines made us normalise so much of his BS. Campbell expertly lays out the road map of how we got here and appear headed under this delusional madman. I feel he dulled us and our reactions by so much crazy in such a short period.

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This book together with hundreds of others is helpful in respect of consensus. Is it just me that thinks that America has deliberately driven itself onto the rocks? Clearly not. This book confirms the absolute lunacy that has persisted from the very beginning of the campaign.

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This book is a “must have” got everyone even remotely interested in this childish bully who has gained the most important political position in the western hemisphere. The truth is appalling.

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Two weeks before the election, FBI Director Comey released a letter questioning Hillary Clinton’s emails that crashed support and gave an improbable victory to Donald Trump. His shambolic transition and first 230 days in office were a car crash. He had a meanness and mental instability to his actions. He was and remained, until recently, a deplorable tweeting bully. Learn about the shame of Donald J. Trump’s first 45 weeks in office in Donald Trump: Deplorable Bully – 45 Shameful Weeks of POTUS 45.

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