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A Mother’s Reflection on Acceptance | Deana Peng | #LetsResetNormal


Tokyo, Japan

While I was cooking dinner on 24 March, my mind was mostly thinking about what I would like to share as my coronavirus experience reflection. As I finished washing the dinner plates and settled myself down with my laptop, breaking news popped up on every screen I have at home. The Tokyo Governor will be holding an urgent press conference at 8 pm tonight. The governor stated that forty infectious cases had been reported in just one single day, today in Tokyo, and that we are now in a critical phase with significant risk of a further outbreak. Just like that, out of the blue my world fell apart. It was like déjà vu.

On 26 February, I had received a phone call to postpone the team coaching project I had been so looking forward to. Following that call, numbers of emails flew in, all requesting either cancellations or rescheduling. Within a week, my calendar that had been filled with work, private appointments, my son’s after-school lessons and PTA schedules had been totally torn apart. It was in fact the best first-quarter plan I had had in recent years – all disappeared in a blink.

So how am I holding up? Surprisingly, I am taking it well.

We have no control over the nature of this virus. No cure, no vaccine. The only thing that we have control over is our mindsets and the choices we make. We could choose to blame some countries, blame the authorities, blame the person who bought the last pack of masks or the last roll of toilet paper in front of us. Or we could choose to accept it and welcome it into our lives. We could do what we human beings are good at. We strive. We learn. We express our compassion to others and connect with others.

This is the time to be cautious but not frightened. This is the time to be distant from the virus but closer to people’s hearts. This is the time to write emails to friends, especially those you haven’t got in touch with lately, to reconnect. This is the time to share the goodness of people and to bring the good out of people, to which we coaches can contribute greatly.

After watching the press conference, my son said to me, “Mom, I think we human beings are responsible for this virus outbreak. We didn’t take the warning seriously and that caused this outbreak. We are the one who caused this problem. Just like the climate issue we are facing.”

I am so proud of him and feel so grateful. I am grateful for the opportunity for my son to learn this precious lesson. I am grateful for this special time I am able to have with my twelve-year-old tween 24-7 for these few weeks and somehow I get a feeling that we will be OK even when he turns into a teenager soon. I am grateful that my schedule had cleared so that I was able to co-host a part of the CCA 24-hour conversation on climate change and get to know all the wonderful coaches around the world and be inspired by them.

This is a learning journey for all of us. Have faith, spread our love, and we will be okay.

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A Mother’s Reflection on Acceptance | Deana Peng | #LetsResetNormal

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