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Challenging Crossword for Authors #1 | Friday Fun

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It’s Friday, so it’s time for some fun! Every Friday we have something you to help you get rested and relaxed for the weekend, from word searches to crosswords. First up is a crossword. All the words for this one are related to being an author. Scroll down to the bottom for a link to the answers.


4 Enough copies of the book are sold so that the agreed royalties cover the amount of the publishers advance (7,3)

6 starts with the communication of a statement that makes a false claim (10)

8 Bonus paid to the author based on the work meeting certain goals set out in the writer’s contract (9)

12 a large initial letter at the start of the text that drops into the line or lines of text below (4,3)

14 a typeface that has no small strokes at the end of main stroke of the character (4,5)

15 an upright image or page where the height is greater than the width and the opposite of Landscape layout (8)

16 copy aligned to right margin (5,7)


1 A word list. The etymology from the Greek means ‘to make stand out’. (8)

2 alignment of text with both margins (7)

3 the margin at the top of a page (6)

5 capital letters of equal size type to the lower case letters (5,4)

7 boost to sales from exposure on a high profile TV show (5,6)

9 writing a book, often an ‘autobiography’ for someone else (5-7)

10 non printing areas (7)

11 informal term used to describe unsolicited submissions (5,4)

13 type with sloping letters (6)

Which of these tricky words did you find it hardest to place? Let us know in the comments.

If you’re ready to find out the answers, click here.

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Challenging Crossword for Authors #1 | Friday Fun

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