This is the fifth in our 12 Days of Christmas series of posts detailing how Wordcatcher Publishing Group Ltd plans to meet the ten commitments it signed up to as a signatory to the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals Publishers Compact.

5. Raising awareness and promoting the Sustainable Development Goals among staff

The fifth commitment we have made is a pledge to raise awareness of and promote the Sustainable Development Goals among our staff.

As we look ahead to 2021 we are hopeful of expanding and taking on staff. Part of the appeal of working here, we hope, will be our commitments to sustainability. We believe that showing a genuine desire to change the world, even in small ways, will make us more appealing to potential employees and attract the type of person who shares our drive.

In case you missed it, here is yesterday’s post about how we have nominated a Sustainable Development Goal coordinator to monitor our progress towards realising the Sustainable Development Goals.

Join in the conversation on social media with the hashtag #SDGPublishersCompact.

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