Painters, Musicians and Authors: My Inspiration | Q&A with Colum Sanson-Regan

Who Has Influenced Your Work? Colum’s influences include many authors, such as Raymond Carver and H. G. Wells. But his inspiration is not limited to writers, and extends to painters like Francisco Goya and songwriters like Paul Simon, who likewise have the ability to move people with their masterpieces. Artists of all stripes have spurred […]

Kinnikinnick | Words We Caught This Week

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Kinnikinnick: a mixture of bark, dried leaves, and often berries and/or tobacco, which is smoked. Here’s a word we caught this week. We thought we’d share kinnikinnick with you since we love words that are extremely difficult to say. This one’s certainly up there! Here’s an example of it in use: Kinnikinnick isn’t exactly […]