Whisky Coming Out of the Newborn Baby’s Nostrils? | John F. Wake

It is hard to believe what some of the archive and court reports say about human behaviour during Victorian times. One can only research and write about the injustice that took place. Take, for example, a Pillgwenlly, Newport woman called Catherine, who was 39 years of age when this story took place in the 1890s. […]

Yes, the Workhouse Really Was as You Imagine | Ray Noyes

According to Ray, there really aren’t any myths about workhouses. They were just as bad as we collectively imagined. Dickens and many a great social reformer captured the abuses of these terrible places. Rural poorhouses, however, in the eighteenth century, were much kinder places where people truly cared. Workhouse Video Series with Ray Noyes In […]

Who Were the Windsor and Bute Families? | Ray Noyes

The Windsor and Bute families were two large industrial families. The Marquis of Bute was famous for developing Cardiff Docks and many other pivotal developments in the area. The Windsors invested similarly, but seemed to suffer from an unfortunate curse. Nearly every man born into the family seemed to die off at a young age. […]

Tricky Author Word Search | Friday Fun

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It’s Friday, so it’s time for some fun! Every Friday we have something you to help you get rested and relaxed for the weekend, from word searches to crosswords. We know everyone loves a good word search, so let’s see what you can find in this grid! Search for these words BOOK REVIEW EDITOR EDITING […]