Using Creativity to Recover

Each year, millions of individuals from around the world face addictions to alcohol, prescription medications, and even illicit street drugs. With hundreds of thousands of overdoses and fatalities occurring each year around the globe, finding effective treatments and solutions have become more important than ever.  With the many available treatments and therapies—inpatient, outpatient, and alternative—knowing […]

Cardiff’s Dark Nativity | John F. Wake


Cardiff Then. Bute Terrace, about 50yds from Bute St lights in 1876, at around 2 am in the doorway of a butcher’s shop. On her own and very distressed, Ann, around 30 years, gave birth ‘whilst standing up’. It was her screams that bought her to the attention of Constables. One wrapped the baby in […]

My First Month in the Publishing Industry: What I Learnt and Future Plans

My name is Nick McAlpin, a recent graduate from the University of Cambridge’s MPhil Social Anthropology programme. It’s been almost a month since I joined Wordcatcher Publishing as its Marketing and Public Relations Assistant. Before this, I had never worked with books at all, but draw on extensive experience in the related field of journalism. […]