Wales’ First Permanent Printing Press. Why Did it Take so Long? | Mel Hopkins


In a previous article, I discussed the remarkable story of the first printing press in Wales. It had to be kept hidden, during the 16th century and the press was being used by Catholic recusants. The press was discovered in 1587. Remarkably it was to be another 130 years before a printing press was established […]

A True Story from the Beautiful Island of Jersey | Tim Rogers | #LetsResetNormal


Jersey, Channel Islands The old lifeboat shed was the venue for a have-a-go-row and given the recent good weather and boat show there were a number of novices gathered to try coastal rowing. Coastal rowing could not be more different from Oxford v Cambridge but the larger seagoing boats are accommodating and forgiving and ideal […]

Monday Tip #21 Through A Child’s Eyes


The world looks very different from the perspective of children. They lack the experience, preconceived ideas, and self-limiting beliefs of adults. Unlike grown-ups, children often lack inhibitions and have yet to learn the fears that we have as we experience more of life. Their outlook of the world is far more naïve. They bring a viewpoint that is sometimes surprising, sometimes amusing, sometimes disturbing.