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1. Committing to the SDGs | UN Sustainable Development Goals Publishers Compact Commitments

This is the first in our 12 Days of Christmas series of posts detailing how Wordcatcher Publishing Group Ltd plans to meet the ten commitments it signed up to as a signatory to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals Publishers Compact.

1. Committing to the Sustainability Development Goals

The first commitment we have made is a pledge to realise the Sustainability Development Goals. These include action on climate change, inequality and educational provision.

We have cared about sustainability since Wordcatcher started in 2016, and long before when David Norrington formed Onion Custard Publishing. The print-on-demand model has been at the heart of a sustainability-led ethos since 2012.

The past few years has seen an increasing awareness of publishing’s role in environmental issues, but it has only been from 2020 that initiatives such as the UN Publishers Compact and the Independent Publishers Guild’s Sustainability Action Group have provided a structure for companies to get involved and formally work together. Wordcatcher signed up to both groups as soon as we heard about them.

We wholeheartedly welcome such initiatives, where action is possible. Only time will tell if, as an industry, we can address environmental issues in a coherent and effective way. For too long there has been talk of change. We desperately want to see meaningful action, and these groups can be a catalyst for just that.

In case you missed it, here is our previous post announcing our admission to the United Nations’ Sustainability Development Goals Publishers Compact.

Join in the conversation on social media with the hashtag #SDGPublishersCompact.

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1. Committing to the SDGs | UN Sustainable Development Goals Publishers Compact Commitments

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